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Interpretation, Interpolation, Application

Hypothesis: The Bible has many interpretations.

I have heard this as a rebuttal many times. Often it’s a counterargument to some claim about the Bible. It acts as a quick dismissal to almost anything that requires action on the part of the speaker.

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The Myth of the Councils

Hypothesis: A council of men invented or edited the Bible in any way.

There is a common conception that at one or more times in history, men of power convened in councils and in essence fabricated or altered the Bible to suit their whims. If this were true, the argument claims, it would cast a shadow of doubt across the reliability of the whole of the Bible. Such a council would certainly have corrected textual disagreements, removed and added doctrine in their favor, and suppressed evidence. This is simply not true.  Let’s take a look at what really happened. Read more

Unreasonable faith

If the Bible is true, then faith in it isn’t unreasonable. The accusing finger has been pointed frequently in my direction, but I know that my faith is not illogical. The Bible claims to be profitable and true. I believe it. As such, I take a step of faith every time I rely on its truth without prior observation. But once observed, I add that step of faith to the pile of evidence that is growing into a mountain.

I hope to cooperate with Matt on this blog. I expect him to challenge me. He, no doubt, expects me to challenge him. Our goal is truth. Our hypothesis begins with the Bible. Where will this journey lead?

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